Getting fit this summer

Winter is over – and that’s good. What is not so good, is that all those warm, cozy hours under a warm blanket in front of the TV have somehow worked themselves around your belly. You might not feel comfortable about the extra roll, but that roll is very, very comfortable.

Guess what? You are the only person who can change that. You are the one who can get that belly to flatten, or you can be the one who will let it stay.

To begin with, take it slow. Go for the molehills. They’ll get you to the mountain. Don’t immediately join a gym. Don’t spend megabucks on training gear. Don’t spend hours planning an exercise program.

Think molehill and begin with small changes. Walk around the block each day for one week. While walking, load your mind with positive thoughts. Don’t think, “This is killing me!”, because then you’ll fail and the little belly roll will grow and grow. Think, “I’m doing this! I’m changing my life! This is great! I am great!”, and you will win. Congratulate yourself after every walk and make 100% sure that you feel truly and deeply proud of yourself.

Whenever you feel unmotivated, remind yourself of your accomplishments.

Once you feel comfortable walking your block, find another molehill to add. Make it easy. Promise yourself to drink a glass of cool, fresh water before and after each walk – and be proud of keeping up your water-promise. After two weeks of walking and one week of drinking water, add another molehill – start your day with a healthy breakfast.

Keep on going. Keep on adding a molehill each week. Keep on being proud of yourself. Eventually you will be jogging around your block, eating 3 healthy meals a day, and staying properly hydrated.

And, you’ll be feeling very good! You will feel good when your clothes fit comfortably. You will feel good when you see your stomach muscles strengthening and that little belly roll disappearing. You will feel good because you are healthy, fit and active. Molehill by molehill you have accomplished your mountain.

Now it is time to look in the mirror and recognise the hero that you are.