Getting into the game again

Anybody who’s ever played a good game of soccer, done a work-out session, or jogged or danced or stretched, will agree – the human body loves moving.

The human body is designed to move smoothly, easily and naturally. Even if you’re not at your best right now, with a little bit of effort the human body can get healthy and fit again.

Moving:Always see a doctor before starting a fitness program or a diet. Listen to the doctor’s recommendations. Find a physical activity that you can follow through with. There is an endless choice – walking, jogging, dancing, yoga, climbing, swimming, surfing, tennis, volley ball, soccer, etc.

Eating:Food is your body’s fuel. Eating wrong makes your body feel wrong. If you are overweight or obese, let your doctor suggest an eating plan. Limit your salt intake. Eat 5 different fruit and vegetables every day. Drink water. Eat smaller portions or dish up on a smaller plate. Boost your metabolism by eating 5 mini-meals a day beginning with breakfast. Breakfast is important. Eat your breakfast!

Cigarettes and alcohol:Cut down on your alcohol intake if it is excessive, and cut out tobacco completely.

Resting:Adequate rest is important. You need to relax, spend time outdoors, breathe deeply, soak up the early morning sun and laugh out loud. And you need a good night’s sleep.

Staying motivated:For many people it is difficult to stay motivated. Reward yourself with new and comfortable sport wear. Get the kids involved with your physical activities. They have the energy and enthusiasm to get you going again. Get a jogging partner – someone who’ll motivate you. Join a sport club. Start a weekly soccer game at work.

Soccer is a great way to get going. If you can’t play the full game yet, let a friend take your place when you’re tired. When you’re rested, your friend can sit out for a while. Group games are motivating. It’s difficult to let the team down with a weak excuse. It’s great when you achieve something, because your mates will cheer you on.

Above all else, keep your focus. Be proud of what you achieve. Enjoy your healthier body.