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How to apply for a job at Markham | ESCRAFT

How to apply for a job at Markham

To apply for a job at Markham is easy, you just need to visit markham job portal and select job search in order to see the jobs available.

You then need to decide whether you are interested in working at markham head office, which is based in Parow, Cape Town, or in one of markam stores.

And because markham management does not know if you are suitable candidate for the job you are applying for, you need to submit your current upto date CV and a cover letter.

Once you have done that wait for Markham to response within a week of applying via telephonic or email

Note: If you meet the minimum criteria required for the role, you are welcome to apply for more than one vacancy at a time.
You can also apply via facebook or whatsapp on 0660018990 for jobs