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Microsoft TEAMS

TEAMS is one of the most important and powerful microsoft product for collaboration,bringing audio and visual collaborations into one place and getting all content that is most important to you. Microsoft TEAMS as collaboration environment brings Collegues, contents and conversation all in one interface.
We will be using TEAMS to change the way we do things today. You can use TEAMS mobile app, web app or desktop version.
If you dont have a desktop version of TEAMS, all you need to do is go to any web browser like chrome, internet explorer and logon to office 365 and you will see all microsoft apps with TEAMS being one of them
Access to Teams, you can: download the desktop application, access Teams through your browser or download the mobile app.
To start your Teamwork collaboration you need to setup Teams, its easy to setup and requires a few click:-Create team-give it a Name and a description, after which you can start adding members.
Under Teams there are CHANNELS, these channels are subsection of Teams, these channel relates to a Team e.g under the Team “Information Technology” we can have several channels such as “Windows Support”, “Maintenance and Support”.
Or you can use Organisation as Team and Channels can relate to various Programmes and Projects.

Create or Join Team

Once you create a Team and Channels and invited members, you are ready to start the conversation – here Operations Management is the TEAM while Information Technology is a Channel under IT.

Channel Tabs:
Each Channel have their own tabs along the top.
Post/Conversations (Group Chat), Files (Shared Documents) these are automatically created and you can add your won tabs using the + sign.
These are the key features of Teams, allowing each Team to have a centralized discussion that is always readily available from file sharing to video calls.
The use of @mention allows you to tag participants, and users who look at the conversations will easily see where they have been mentioned through the red @ symbol to highlight areas of importance to them.

And if you have a desktop app you will get notified through an alert, users can also “like” content and share emoticons or GIFs, attach files to conversation.
In your Team window, you can perform a variety of tasks directly within that windows browser.

These tasks include the ability to create New Folder,Docs, Excel etc and also upload Files and Folders so that Teams can see them as you continue with the conversation –

You can delete, download, copy, paste, edit and get a link to share with others.
You can also start a group chat alongside the file, thus allowing the team discussions while working on the files.

Microsoft Teams – Meet Now
To start a meeting, under new conversation or existing conversation to keep all that conversation’s context.

In the video preview enter the name of the meeting and select Meet Now

Select the names of the team members you want to invite to the meeting.

Scheduling the MEETING
On the Video preview instead of choosing Meet Now, you can schedule the meeting to specific time and date, you just need to click Schedule a meeting and the screen will open up to fill new details of the Meeting, attendees etc etc