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Personal Loans vs Credit Cards

An Overview: Personal Loans vs. Credit Cards:

  • Both Personal loans and credit cards offers a platform to borrow funds,.
  • Both Personal loans and credit cards have many of the same standard credit provisions.
  • Funds are offered from a lender at a specified interest rate, in both Loan and credit card agreements.
  • There is a monthly repayments that include principal and interest, late fees, underwriting requirements, amount limits, and more.

Mishandling either type of credit can undermine your credit rating, causing problems with loans, access to good housing, finding jobs.

But beyond the similar attributes personal loans and credit cards share there are also key differences, such as repayment terms.
We will explore the definitions and differences between the two, along with some pros and cons of each.

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Definitions of Personal Loans and Credit Cards:
Personal loans:

  • These are borrowed funds which are paid in full depending on the amount borrowed.
  • They carry relatively lower interest rates; with repayment being over a finite period of time.

Credit cards:

  • Refers to revolving credit that give a borrower access to funds as long as the account remains in good standing.
  • Credit scoring is a key factor influencing approvals and terms for both personal loans and credit cards.
  • Personal loan and credit card agreements can be structured with a wide variety of provisions and terms.