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Piet Retief Cash Loans

Piet Retief Cash Loans Review, Features and Benefits. Looking for extra cash to repair your car, pay for your studies or even to cater for your wedding?
We are here to make it possible. Apply and get Quick decision, cash paid straight to your bank account upon approval.
All our charges, handling fees and interest rates are made clear before you apply.

Do I qualify? You will need:

  • Valid South Africa ID or Driving licence
  • Hold a bank account,
  • Be 18 yers or older,
  • Proof of income like payslip or bank statement,
  • Have a monthly income of atleast R2000 or more

Piet Retief Cash Loans contact details;
Street name:27B KERK
City Name:. Piet Retief Province:Mpumalanga
Phone:017 826 5522