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Tsheleka Cash Loans | ESCRAFT

Tsheleka Cash Loans

Looking for Cash Loans in Durban, Pietermaritzburg, Tongaat and Verulam? Look no further, Tsheleka Cash Loans offers reliable and efficient loans services to help you cater for those emergency situations and unexpected expenses like car repair, home renovations which cannot wait until payday.

Tsheleka Cash Loan – Durban

Address: 66/67, Arbour House, Crompton St, Pinetown, Durban, 3610
Phone: 073 580 5516

Tsheleka Cash Loans – Pietermaritzburg
Address: 218 Langalibalele St, Pietermaritzburg, 3201
Phone: 033 394 0767

Tsheleka Cash Loans – Tongaat
Address: 19 Arbee Dr, Gandhinagar, Tongaat, 4400
Phone: 032 945 2769

Tsheleka Cash Loans – Verulam
Address: 92 Wick St, Verulam, 4340
Phone: 032 533 4023