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University of Johannesburg | ESCRAFT

University of Johannesburg

Get ready for the future. Study a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting, 100% online through UJ.
The Bachelor of Commerce in International Accounting is a professionally-oriented and highly relevant online programme that will provide you with an international perspective on global principles of finance and accounting. Potential students are individuals who want to pursue a career as professionals in the broad fields of finance and accounting but who, owing to financial and geographical barriers, are unable to access contact education, or who would prefer the flexibility that is available through distance learning.

This online programme will develop your intellectual, practical and critical-thinking skills so that you can apply subject-related knowledge and solve problems, which is expected of an entry-level accountant in any international practice.

Furthermore, the programme provides you with a comprehensive and fundamental knowledge base of the underlying core international principles of accounting, governance, risk management and control, auditing, financial management, and management accounting. In line with the international focus of the programme, it will not offer a module on national tax, as tax laws differ from country to country. Important global tax principles will be incorporated into the other modules, specifically accounting and financial management.

Qualifying students should be ready to enter the job market as entry-level accountants who can apply the knowledge they have gained and make decisions to solve problems in a holistic business context. Additionally, the programme will help you to become a self-directed, lifelong learner who can work effectively as an individual, in teams and in multidisciplinary environments. The programme emphasises competence, integrity, and application of ethics in a professional business environment, and will enable you to act professionally and ethically. Finally, this programme will prepare you for further studies in international accounting, governance, risk management and control, auditing, financial management, and management accounting as a science.